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4. Apr. 2017 - 21:19  
Thanks for the Roster Sheet, it has saved me sooooo much time! however, is it possible to get the password so I can update it on my computer to come into line with the new blood bowl rules/stats?
- Ashley  send email to Ashley 
1. Feb. 2017 - 05:43  
Would you add new teams (Savage Orcs, Human Nobility) to the excel roster ?
your file have big help for the game.
- B-D  send email to B-D 
2. Dec. 2016 - 18:36  
I sure intend to update it. However, my first priority is to update the software for After that I'll turn to the excel roster.
- Casper  send email to Casper 
30. Nov. 2016 - 23:25  
I believe it will be yes. When there is time to get to it.
- Thorbjørn  send email to Thorbjørn 
30. Nov. 2016 - 19:07  
Thanks for the Excel Sheet! Any chance of it being updated for the new box set?
- mercutioh  send email to mercutioh 
22. Aug. 2016 - 19:24  
What a SMACK in your face in that barrage 12 cas against Guess you had it coming.....
- Jens  send email to Jens 
22. Aug. 2016 - 18:33  
Karhunkaato: Now it seems that the comimish's play against each other (hanu vs pera). --> ridiculous nonsense

Ps. barrage --> hanu beat me 2-1
- BeerBeer  
9. Dec. 2015 - 18:12  
- Jens  send email to Jens 
8. Dec. 2015 - 23:11  
BeerBeer in a final 🤓💪
- Thorbjørn  send email to Thorbjørn 
8. Dec. 2015 - 19:20  
Final of Karhunkaato -> J-Ho vs. BeerBeer
- BeerBeer  
28. Oct. 2015 - 11:51  
I have just tried to download til roster sheet, before I log on to the site. I have no problems changing races, and I'm not asked for a password??
- Jens  send email to Jens 
28. Oct. 2015 - 04:23  
I downloaded the team roster sheet for an Orc team from the download page but only Amazon are showingl
I am unable to change it as it is password protected.
- Ken Duddle  send email to Ken Duddle 
27. Oct. 2015 - 18:48  
I'm sorry, I have no plan of doing more work on the excel file. Instead I concentrate on developing the web platform, that this site also uses. See for examples where other people utilize the system which gives a perfect site for a blood bol league - perhaps is something for you as well? Then send me a mail ...
- Casper  send email to Casper 
27. Oct. 2015 - 17:03  

I just start my own private league, and in order organize rosters, I searched for a good team sheet, and i think yours is just perfect. I just have 2 questions:
1) Can I use it for my league (I repeat, it will be strictly private use)
2) With the release of the new Blood Bowl game by Cyanide, will you update the sheet with the new team (Brettonnian)?

Thanks in advance for your reply, and may Nuffle be with you
- Den Azhir  send email to Den Azhir 
16. Oct. 2015 - 13:51  
We start at 19 and usually end around 22 or 23
- Klitgaard  send email to Klitgaard 
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