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Active players only
 Player type team completions
1   Dieter Gold  Human Thrower Double Dodgers  133
2 profile Wayward Son Bounty (30000 gp) Skink Silverado Snakeskins  117
3   Celebrian Stormcrow  Wood Elf Thrower Greyhavien Renegades  94
4   josef schnitzler  Human Thrower Blue Fox  61
5 profile A. B. MacMahan  High Elf Thrower Cowards of Culloden  51
6   Tonny "Let arm"  Wood Elf Thrower Wild Wood Warriors  47
7   Ythus Anathema  Marauder Crimson Hands  43
8   Recigt Edhaat  High Elf Thrower Minyar of Calaquendi  38
9   Imamu  Skaven Thrower Chaos49  35
10   ORITHIA  Amazon Thrower Macu Peaks Cheetahs  27
- profile Bael Stormwrath Bounty (40000 gp) Dark Elf Lineman Death Extravagante  27
12 profile Den Danske Model  Elf Catcher Blood Bowl Bunnies  25
- profile Mike Collins II Bounty (40000 gp) Dark Elf Runner Dark side of the Moon  25
14   Cel Srrzon  Marauder Crimson Hands  24
15 profile Thomas Stafford Bounty (50000 gp) Dark Elf Lineman Dark side of the Moon  21

--- Unknown credits ---

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